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alleys_icons's Journal

Alley's Icons
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Icons in this journal are not solely my thoughts or feelings...they are just up for grabs for who ever might want them!

I am NOT all that big on crediting, simply because I don't think my work is all that great, and I have better things to do, than going around and checking to see if all of my icons have a credit line. If you want to give me credit…that would be super cool…just credit this community or my personal lj.

My Icon journal is random...VERY RANDOM...I will touch on many different topics on my entry! SO ENJOY! There is something for everyone!!!

Be sure to check out the community’s memories if you are looking for something in particular, I am going to try to organize myself!!! :)

I do take requests, but I can't promise that I can get to them right away!!!

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